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Discussion in 'Oil' started by bubba, May 19, 2009.

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    has any one used vavaline 20-50 for 4stroke in a twin cam?trying to see how good it really is

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    Check the label and find out if it is Dino oil, Dino oil/Synthetic blend. Most of the results from the oil poll have most riders weighing in on 100% Synthetic oil as the more durable, most preferred, least likely type to breakdown at temperatures above 260 degrees F and is more slippery than dino oil or dino oil/synthetic blends (most 4 stroke multi weight regular oils fall in that latter catagory).

    That said, if conditions are not too hot and the oil changed often and with filter (use shorter service interval schedule) it is likely you will see plenty of life out of the bike if you use Valvoline 4-Stroke oil or any other brand name Blended 4 Stroke oil. The choice is yours, but the oil poll speaks volumes what other riders choose to use...