vance & hines big shottrue duals

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    My 05 glide is carburated, 21cams, kn air filter and the bike came with hard krome t rex true dual exhaust. The pipes work well for me and my exhaust tips are chocolate brown so my tuning is right where I want it. They have a baffle if sorts which is a pass through wall baffle. These are single pipes with permanent wrap shields they work and sound great. The issue is the right shield has cracked almost all the way around just in front the saddle bags and the left shield is cracked just as makes the turn down. This appears to be related to material fatigue during the forming process. The exterior of the inner pipes and clamps are rusting as well as the bracket welds at the rear. I will be replacing them and wondering about vance and hines big shot true duals. Are they louder than t rex? I want single pipe exhaust and just cant go with t rex again based on my experience. I do not want anything louder yet I do not want them restricting flow as my bikke runs great as is. Any feedback appreciated.
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    I like the sound of V H exhaust, a bit loud but it seems to me they are tune able plus their R and D and customer service is great JMO