vance and hines twin slash cut slip ons

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by rperk60, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. rperk60

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    anyone have these slipons? What due u think about them. Can i run these on a 2010 ultra without adding fuel and using the stock AC.. Cant afford full stage one right now
  2. 293422

    293422 New Member

    I just got the straightshot slip ons and they look and sound great. They don't look as nice as the full replacement pipes but you don't have to add a tuner or put it on a dyno. For the price they do what I want them to do which is look nicer than the stock pipes and a little louder.
  3. Iceman24

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    rperk60; pipes only = OK (no tune needed). Just few recommendations to save possible headache's later. I always replace muffler clamps w/exhaust mods + get some HT silicone (liqiod copper) and run a bead along inner side of pipe opening. This gives you a tight pipe/header seal & prevents annoying air leaks which cause pops/gurgling during accel/decel. Enjoy & have fun w/those new pipes - V&H make good stuff!
  4. pjciii

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    i run these mufflers on mine. that was the first thing i did. i love the sound, it's there when you need it and purrs down the highway at speed. the next year i installed dresser duals, stage one air cleaner and a fuel pack...these are always things you cand add later. but as iceman said...just the mufflers and clamps and bead. nothing else needed. i think good choice