Vance And Hines EPA compliant slip ons

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Joe2007ultra, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Joe2007ultra

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    If anyone wants to know. The new Vance and Hines EPA compliant slip ons Look great on my 2010 Ultra.

    Note!!!!!! They are even more quiet then the stock exhaust.

    I have the original slip ons if anyone needs them, Make me an offer. They are almost new just need to be cleaned and installed.
  2. dbmg

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    Probably the manufactures that want to stay in business will through R&D start to make more mufflers that increase horsepower while staying quiet. Shows that the noise monitoring is not far away.
  3. Joe2007ultra

    Joe2007ultra Active Member

    I think you are correct. They do look good and give a bit of HP kick.

    They really do cover themselves. They have a EPA compliant statement etched into the muffler that includes model of the bike they are ok to install on.
  4. R. Lewis

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    post a couple of pics if you can.
  5. artfuentes

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    FYI...for those who do not live in California. The Govornator just signed into law a noise compliance law affecting any bike built after Jan 2013! Any bike built after that date must comply with EPA, noise regulations, and the exhaust system has to be stamped EPA compliant. This allows Law Enforcement to inspect your bike if you are stopped any any reason......and he RIDES!
  6. Gezzer Glide

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    As far as I'm concerned they should have enforced the law from the start not decide years later, after everyone is out of compliance, to enforce it. I know what I think dosn't amount to a hill of beans to them. Now if they want to enforce something it should start at 2013 and all older bikes are excempt. Sounds a little like entrapment. Its like the helmet law. They were giving out tickets and now their not. Either enforce the law or don't make the law. IMO:34:
  7. ltfuzz

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    I picked up a set of the Bub7 Stealth's (EPA Compliant) They had a distinct increase in sound from OEM slip on's that came with my bike. What i noticed too was the increase in the top end without any changes to the map. They have a very low growl similar to the V&H Monster Ovals with the usual bark when you open the throttle. I think Bub has been ahead of the game with these EPA compliant pipes. Maybe they knew this stuff was coming.
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  8. glimmerman

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    took the rk thru inspection w/ touring mufflers and shrk fin tips. revved to 2500 rpm. bike passed by .1 of a decibel-89.9. mufflers are stamped from h-d as ok for 1340-1450-1550 at 80 db. delaware is getting tough.
  9. blademan

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    Since when is California not writing helmit tickets? I think your a little mistaken there.