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    Ok so I have had some problems with my Vance & Hines Fuelpak, the problem being that the bike won't start with it connected and it throws crank position sensor codes when I try to start it with the Fuelpak connected.......

    So, the Fuelpak is out of warranty also, so I was talking with a buddy of mine about the fact that I'm not real happy with the prospect of buying another fueler. I was really thinking about a power commander, at $370, money that I honestly don't have to spend right now, and he suggested that I call V&H and ask them just if they had any problems with that particular Fuelpak for the 07 sportsers or what-have-you.

    So I called out to California, and talked with them at V&H..... Told them what was going on with the module, how it was throwing codes and not starting, they said to send it back and they would either repair or replace it. I asked him what it would cost, he said all it was gonna cost me was the shipping out to them. WOW...... I didn't expect them to say that at all!!!!! Good thing too, I really liked the Fuelpak, and my wallet is especially grateful!!!

    I will keep y'all posted on the progress of the situation.

    Oh and they told me that it will not destroy my bike to run it without a fueler even with an exhaust system and a screamin eagle air cleaner. I would think they are right, considering they sell fuelers, and it is in their best interests to feed this superstition!
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    Glad to hear that V&H is taking care of you. Your last statement plays right into what Smitty is saying in his Dyno thread.
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    V&H is a quality company - never had amy problems w/them, or their products. Good to see they're serving you well in honoring the inop. fueler - probably wouldn't be the same w/some of the smaller aftermarket manufacturers.
  4. theklanchXL1200N

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    I am really pleased with their handling of this situation......

    They aren't as big as you think, I have spoken with Derek there every time I have called. I had to call 5 or 6 times to tweak my map when I first got my pipes, I don't run V&H pipes.

    What really suprised me was him telling me that it was ok to run the bike without the Fuelpak. From reading this forum mostly, I was under the impression that Harley motors ran so lean that I would certainly be burning holes in the tops of my pistons if I so much as started the bike without a fueler. And reading Smitty's Dyno thread, well, I feel much better about running the bike without the Fuelpak. It does run way better with the fuelpak..... like any internal combustion engine does when the mix gets fattened up
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    V&H is a class act that not only makes some awesome products, they stand behind them.
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    I had the same experience with an out of warranty Fuelpak. They replaced it for the cost of shipping. Great people from my point of view.
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    Thats why they are into racing Tried and trued:s