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  1. angus1964

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    I am looking for opinions on v&h products. Air and fuel paks. Are these easy to use, and worth the money. I am not looking for much just a little more excitement from my 2010 flhr. They claim on fuel pak plug in, and set values. ride within minutes.
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    Diagnostics and Fuel Injection Related | Archive | HDTimeline.Com You can read about TFI here and check out the discount from Dobec
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    I have the V&H fuel pack with Klock Werks slip ons on my /09 Ultra. Very happy with the set up. The Fuel Pak, as advertised is very easy to install and set up and works flawlessly. If you,re not planning on doing anything beyond a Stage 1 then you'll be very happy with the Fuel Pak. If you think you might want to get into more extensive engine mods on your bike at some time in the future, then a TFI would be worth checking out.
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    I agree Subby.... If you are doing a typical stage 1 the Fuel Pak is a great choice. I have one on my 2005 Glide and it is very easy to install and the throttle response is excellent. The manual comes with a large amount of settings for particular part selections.
  5. R. Lewis

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    had a 07 ultra I ran stock for a year then had my indy put a V&H fuel-pak & a set of their tapered slash cut muffs and a A.N. big sucker. Didnt touch it the whole time I owned it and it was all still on it when I traded it in.
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    Have a 06 glide with 2/1 thunderheader and big air breather. After vh fuelpak gained throttle response and average 45mpg
  7. MarkS

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    ^^^^^this^^^^^^^^. I just put a Dobec TFI on my Harley iron based on feedback from this forum and it is GREAT!! Get the Dobec! If you need help they'll walk you through it on the phone. Can't say enough good things about the product or support given!! Just my .02, good luck.
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    I had a TFI on my 08 UC and didn't like it at all. Lugged big time at WOT in upper gears and the fuel mileage was horrible. I called customer support and the went out of their way to try and help but it was not meant to be. I switch to the V&H Fuel Pac and WOW what a difference. Scoot runs great. I mean really good!!! Mileage is back plus 40 mpg. I know there are a whole lot of Dobeck supporters on this site but it just didn't work for me.
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    I have the fuel pak on my 2009 flht w/2 1/2" rhinehart slip-ons. the bike runs slightly stronger but still pops on decel at about 1700 rpm...which is an inprovement from stock.