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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Hello Gang

    I plan on retiring in 2012 and do a lot of cross country traveling Has anyone done or considered converting a Van like the Econline into a motorcycle hauler If so any pics and advice would be appreciated

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    I have some suggestions BuffaloBill and that's to consider one of the Chrysler Commercial Vans that have a tall interior, that way you could leave that W/S on all the time.

    Consider beds that fold up to the sides.

    Google "Toy Haulers" for many more ideas.

    Enjoy your retirement!!


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    I hauled my bike several times in the back of a E250 cargo van. We went from New Jersey to Denver and back , to Nove Scotia and down to Virginia a few times. It was a pain loading and unloading and I had to take the mirrors and Windshield off. I had a blowout on the way back from CO and the van fish tailed and it was a little scary to think where the bike would have gone relative to us had I flipped it over. I used 8-10 cargo straps. I used a hoist to load and unload with a homemade dolly attached under the bike. It always made me nervous. The handle bars just cleared the top of the van. I never tried to drive it up. I have a well made 4X8 trailer I paid about $1000 for. I could use heavier wheels though. We used the National Parks as a theme and destination for our Western trips.
    I'm sure you will have a great time - Bob.

    How about a cargo van conversion to save $$$ on lodging and a enclosed trailer behind for the bike ? I see a guy selling 5 - 5X8 enclosed trailers on Ebay for $1400 Good luck with it.

    2010 UNITED 5'x8' ENCLOSED CARGO TRAILER : eBay Motors (item 300371086698 end time Feb-23-10 16:23:41 PST)
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    For me the trailer is the only way to go. I have a Haulmark 7 x 14, dual axle. Set up for two bikes (side by side) in front. All finished and carpet inside. Got a drop ramp rear door. Ride up and strap down and you're good to go. They make ton's of accessaries for trailers. Cabinets are good to hold your gear. Also enough room for two cots with the bikes in, more if you take them ought at night and cover them up. Saves $$$ on the motel expenses. Only thing I should have down differant would be to have slider windows put in. Great for air flow and just doing what windows do.
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    A Chrysler might be good if you want to do Business with a company that took government bailout money then shut down a plant in St.Louis and moved production to Mexico
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    I have a toy hauler and love it, bring the bike and have a place to stay all in one but a cube van will do the trick. You want something tall so you can use a ramp and drive it in, HD's are to heavy to fight loading and unloading.:s
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    I brought an used Class B motor home and towed the bike on a trailer. It is easy to load and unload the bike and camping is alot cheaper then a hotel.