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Vacuum To Mechanical Petcock


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Do you dislike the vacuum operated stock petcock or has it stopped operating right? Five minutes and you can change it to a free flow petcock or replace just the diaphragm itself.
The replacement diaphragm is available through Zanotti HD for $20.76 and is Part # 61200-97.

Turn the petcock to off, remove the fuel line from the petcock and loosen the petcock just enough to be able to turn it so you can access the four phillips screws on the back side where the vacuum diaphragm is. Hold the diaphragm housing to the petcock while removing the screws, there is a spring that will try to push off the housing you are removing. As you remove the housing from the petcock, notice where the spring is in relation to the diaphragm? Put the spring on the other side of the diaphragm and reassemble.
Turn the petcock back to the original position and tighten. Reconnect the fuel line and either plug the vacuum line or reconnect it.
This disables the vacuum operation of the valve. It is suggested that instead of doing this as a permanent repair that you change either to a new vacuum valve or a manual one like available from Pingel for most applications.

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