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Vacuum Fuel Petcock Recall


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Fuel Diaphragm Recall
You can verify this recall by calling Harley-Davidson (customer information line) at 414-343-4056

Harley-Davidson is recalling 1996/1997 motorcycles (manufactured before Oct. 1, 1997) with the vacuum operated petcock, for a defective vacuum operated fuel diaphragm. This diaphragm is located in the fuel petcock, and can cause symptoms like vapor lock in the fuel system; it can cause your bike to just plain stop, or not to run after it's been parked for a bit. It only affects 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 models, nothing earlier.

"Under certain circumstances the diaphragm located in the vacuum operated fuel valve becomes dislodged within the valve body. This primarily happens when the motorcycle has been started with the valve in the OFF position and is left that way until the motorcycle dies, or, the motorcycle is run until it dies before switching to reserve. It may also happen when the motorcycle has been running on poor quality fuel; this fuel causes a reaction with the material the diaghram is made of."

"This recall affects 94 dresser models (FLT family) and all other 95, 96 and 97 models produced before 10-96...."

"The repair is quite simple, it simply involves the replacement of the diaphragm with one of better quality. It only take about 20 mins and doesn't require the replacement of the entire valve."

It is still recommended that anyone owning a m/c that is affected with this recall return to their servicing dealer for repair. The valve itself is a good idea, simply it prevents the flow of fuel while the motorcycle is not running, which if you know what happens to a motor that has had an excessive amount of gas poured into it, it is cheap insurance, seeing how any m/c with a carb is subject to this hidden danger."
i have a 97 superglide with a related problem. i had to let it sit for a few months, then could not get it to start. traced it to no fuel from the tank to you know if the recall is still in effect?
Welcome jthrasher, this was a safty recall and can never be out dated. The dealership can check your VIN # on HD Net to see if the recall was ever done.
Here's the bulletin it shows what needs to be done, you should call ahead to make sure your dealer has the repair kit in stock, tell them it's recall code 088and if you give them the VIN # then, they can check it before you go in. or
I think you can also go on-line to the HD web site and they have a place you can enter your VIN to check for any recalls or product campaigns that are open.

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