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V-Rod Handling with Revolution 240 wheel conversion



I'm riding my Rod in Europe on pretty twisty roads. I think it would be fair to say I explore the 'sportier' side of my Rods performance and my pegs are bothe chamfered off at 45 degrees! I'm considering the Harley Revolution 240 wheel conversion. What's this going to do to my cornering ability? Anybody know?

hi solanki,

It will hurt your ability to turn with the wider tire. Wide tires tend to make the bike stand up more and makes the turns harder to make. What do racing bikes run?

Ooops, I was afraid you'd say that. I guess I should look a standard sized spoked wheel conversion then. Shame, as the 240 Reactor was attached to a Beutiful VRSCA that I was gonna trade my VRSCB against.

Hi Solanki,

You are not going to run a regular v-rod to a point where you will notice a loss of handling with a 240 tire. If you like the look and enjoy riding, Go for it. Haven't met anyone so far that's running away from my DX in the notch, skinny tire or not.

Hi Solanki, i and some buddies will be hitting France and Spain in September, keep hearing rumours about different rules of the road, spare bulbs, hi vis vests etc. Can you help us out and tell us what we need to ride in these countries.