v&h pro pipe baffles?

Discussion in 'Exhaust Sound Bites' started by lawbil, Apr 11, 2009.

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    i apologize if i have missed a similar thread. i am currently running the standard baffle and i like the sound and the performance is ok. my problem is the packing self destructs after only a few hundred miles. i read on another site that you can replace the fiberglass packing with stove rope [available at any place that sells fireplace and stove acc.] it will not burn out and outlasts the fiberglass. will it affect the performance of the pipe, as the wrapped portion of the baffle will not be porous as with the original fiberglass? maybe its true-if its too loud, you'r too old.
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    I dont know about the pro pipe baffles but I have the V&H Big shot true duels & I have over 13,000 mi on them without any problems . Some baffles do not have fiberglass in them , some are all metal baffles . V&H offers different baffles for my pipes so they may offer different baffles for your pipes .
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    VH offers 2 baffles for the Propipe. The regular one and a competition one. I have over 20k on mine with the reg baffle and its just starting to get really loud, but still sounds awesome. D Kirk and JP Cycle have them.

    I read that using any other packing can create problems and voids any warranty.