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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by cyborg, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. cyborg

    cyborg Active Member

    I`m want to put V&H Straightshots slip-ons on my 09 Dyna. Question is, Do I have to add a Fuel Pak or air cleaner?
  2. 01nightglide

    01nightglide New Member

    i know you can put one or the other on with out the fuel pack and it will run fine.
  3. DadzLowrider

    DadzLowrider Active Member

    You will be pushing it running it without adding some fuel. I would not advise it. If you did just the air cleaner you would be safer, but if you add air you should add fuel. The bike runs close to the edge on the lean side already. Just my $0.02
  4. Spade5

    Spade5 Active Member

    In my opinion you do not have to do anything if all you do is add the slip ons, but... if you ride hard and get into the upper rpms frequently, I would get some kind of fuel manager.

    If you plan on going to a high flow air cleaner at some point, I would bite the bullet and get a fuel manager now. Of course I am happy with the way my Dyna runs right out of the box and don't ride it hard so my opinion doesn't count for much.

    The stock control unit will adjust back to the stock air fuel ratio but I don't know if it could handle a high flow a/c. HD says it won't adjust but I think that is really to please EPA and to protect themselves if you do modify and something blows.