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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by TRAINMAN1016, Jun 5, 2010.

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    I just put on the fuel pack 2 weeks ago on my 06 softail.It took out most of the exhaust popping I'd say 90% ,but i'm still playing with it ..I'm running the fp-0015 map.My bike has v &h long shots and stage one filter . i was wondering if anyone else is using the fuelpak and has a bike set up like mine, and if so could maybe i get the settup form that person..I've been i cotact with v & h on line doing some map changes, getting it to work better a little at a time.They have been great to work with also
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    I too use a V&H FP. You are already doing the correct changes to the mapping by contacting V&H to get their input. V&H does not give out any tuning info on this tuner but they will advise you on map changes if you tell them exactly what issues you are experiencing. You will not get much other help due to V&H not publishing which areas of tuning are changed by the 18 or so numeric mapping points of their system.
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