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Help! Think I may need some advice. I bought a set of Vance & Hines slash cut mufflers for my electra glide. Installed the pipes, rode the bike,seemed fine. Several people told me I would need to remap, since it a '02 model. Bought a Vance & Hines programmer , installed according to directions. Tried it out again, something didn't seem right, acted like it wanted to quit, when throttling down. Read up on the programmer, said I needed a high flow filter, bought a screamin eagle filter tonight and installed it. Started it up, let it warm up a bit, revved it up a little , acted the same way. Do I really need the programmer, or did I buy the wrong brand?::bigsmiley21:
Just a heads up here. The stock ECM on the harleys cuts the fuel to the engine on decel as a standard feature until the speed slows considerably which in turn will effect fuel delivery with any piggyback unit that you use.

If you notice on deceleration, the bike lurches a bit when it is slowing down at somewhere around 1800 RPM's or thereabouts when the fuel is reintroduced again. It's only slight but you can feel it on pretty much on all models.
This is the stock programming in the ECM. You should be able to add a fuel device even without a stage 1 intake but best results are obtained when you do use the stage 1.

I prefer the TFI for this reason for easier adjustments.
You mean the rocket launching?:bigsmiley10:

One guy I ride with has a street glide with ovals on it and he shoots flames out on decel too. It's a sight at night.
You mean the rocket launching?:bigsmiley10:

One guy I ride with has a street glide with ovals on it and he shoots flames out on decel too. It's a sight at night.

I haven't checked for the flames at night thing. With the popping I have, I'm pretty sure that my Ultra will show some flames too.
Seems like the few times I rode it without the programmer, it ran better and the throttle responded quicker. Would it hurt to run to run without the programmer? Seems like the fuel mileage is down some also. The ads on the exhaust and programmer said I would get better fuel mileage and more hp. I really appreciate all the help. :bigsmiley8:
A lean mixture will give you better power (throttle response) than a rich mixture will but will not make the best HP. Best bet would be to check the air fuel ratio (AFR) with a sniffer to be sure. Lean running to an extent can do damage to the engine.

The programmers will kick the MPG a bit for a few reasons. You are probably enjoying the better power with the throttle a bit more which will effect the MPG. It's not entirely uncommon with the addition of a fueling device to see an increase in MPG because the engine is running more efficiently.
Let me ask one more ? while I have time. My first harley. Was wanting to change the oils. Already done the engine. Talked to harley last night, said it didn't matter on the primary and tranny, could use the same oil, like syn, but my tranny appears to have 80/90 in it. They said to just drain it and put in the synthetic. Doesn't seem right, but I'm not sure.
If you check in the self help forums, you'll find many topics on this. Use the link at the bottom of this post.

The trans should have a gear oil in it, not engine oil. I prefer Spectro platinum or another one if you can't find this is Mobil 1 synthetic 75/90 or 75/140 or even redline shockproof heavy. Just don't use an engine oil in the trans. The performance + from HD is fine in the primary.

You can also drain the oil out and replace it with synthetic with no problems. The little that is left in there mixes very well.