V&H Dresser Duals have cut outs??

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Harley38, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Harley38

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    Here is a quick questions for those of you with V&H Dresser Duals, or know about them.

    I have a 2011 FLHTK 103 ci. Just had a stage 1 completed and had the V&H dresser duals put on.

    Are there "cut outs" or "notches" on the front pipe heat shield for the brake lever and foot board mount to clear the heat shield?

    I have been looking at pics on line and cannot get a good enough look.

    When the dealer put the pipes on they were hitting and causing a lot of vibes in the foot board and handle bars. They said they had to cut them down, but I didn't think that meant cutting out sections in the heat shields. I thought they had to maybe cut length for a better fit.

    So, if these notches are not supposed to be there than it is back to the dealer, that is not an acceptable fix in my book.

    Any assistance is appreciated.

  2. kemo

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    Sounds to me like the dealer is a bit shabby letting a bike out the door with the pipes hitting and causing vibrations and cutting and notching the heat shields is a bit of a butcher job, but I don't really know if that was a necessary thing to do
  3. Breeze3at

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    I just looked at the pics of the Dresser duals on the V&H webpage. When I use my screen magnifier on one of the pictures, it almost looks like there is a cutout by the rear footboard bracket. Whether it's poor manufacturing or installation, for the $$ you spent the pipes should not have to be cut for proper fit.
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  4. HDDon

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    I have been dealing with V&H products for years. I currently have V&H true duel headers on my 05 RG. I have also installed BUBS and Samson exhaust on friends bikes. I have never repeat never had to butcher any heat shields to gain clearence for break levers or foot boards. Either the dealer ordered the wrong exhaust for you bike or they messed up the install!!
  5. Harley38

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    Thanks all, appreciate the feedback.

    Breeze: I looked at the pics you sent from V&H website, thanks. On looking again, it does look like there is a cut out for the foot board bracket, interesting, but I also have a cut out above that for the brake lever. So, we can't tell by the picture, but wondering if the dealer took liberties and cut a second cut out?

    Another question on these pipes, I have Rush mufflers, 225, when I roll on the throttle the exhaust sound is almost like straight pipes, really bark and are loud to me on the bike. Cruising is not bad, but they seem loud. I had my neighbor ride the bike past my house so I could listen from the road. He was doing about 40 mph and I love the sound, perfect and not crazy loud. So why does the exhaust seem so loud to me on the bike? Neighbor even commented on that as well.

    I am hoping to get to the dealer this morning to discuss the issue.

    Thanks again guys, really appreciate it.
  6. Grillfish

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    On my 09 duals, there are two cut outs, one for brake lever and one for the rear floorboard bracket. The duals should have had a spacer you install to add clearance, but I had spacers already and it has plenty of clearance.

    Also with my mufflers, they are very loud at WOT. Cruise is fine, idle is fine, but open up the throttle and plug your ears. I'm looking to add some quite baffles or Big City Thunder baffles to the head pipe to quite the bike down.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Harley38

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    Grillfish, thanks. That makes me feel better, wasn't sure about both of the cut outs being there and was thinking it was a dealer "fix".

    Your right they are a bit loud at WOT. I am changing to Rush slip ons with a 2.0 baffle from a 2.25, hopefully they will quite it down a bit.

    Thanks again for the reply.