V&H Big Shot Duals

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    I've had these pipes for 3 years and really like them. However they are "bit" too loud for my residential neighborhood (lol), so I'd like to quieten them down a bit, without a large hit on power. I know that V&H have a quiet(er) baffle that I can get for about $30 each, however some of the reviews I've read were not that impressive. Instead I see that some DYI'ers wrap the existing baffle with a fiberglass cloth of some sort. That's probably the route I'd like to take. Now, that being said, I'm a mechanical dummy. Is there a video or pics (and step by step) of how to remove baffles from V&H pipes anywhere ??? I know the heat shield has to be removed (what/where is that ??). Where can this fiberglass cloth be had ??

    Any help greatly appreciated..

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    Post #5 of the following thread has link showing how to wrap your baffles.

    Need some advice - Harley Davidson Community

    Here is a link showing how to remove V&H baffles if they are not easily coming out.

    Harley Davidson Community

    You should be able to remove the baffles with the pipes still on the bike, they are simply held in place by a bolt screwing into a welded tab in the baffles. Check the V&H website and there should be installation procedures for your pipes and pictures of how things go together.

    I opted for the V&H Quiet baffles and will say they are not much quieter than the stock baffles but they do have a deeper tone. Next time I pull the baffles I intend to re-wrap them as well.
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    I have V&H's Big Shots Staggered and I just removed my heat shields last week. You need to unscrew all the clamp bolts so that the clamps will spread over the pipes. You might want to tape the shields around the clamp areas, the clamps will rotate around on you and will easily scratch the coating or chrome.

    Then the part I had to learn is, you have to remove the end caps, if you don't remove the end caps they enclose just enough of circumference to keep you from being able to rotate the shields out and slide over the pipe bends.

    Removing the baffles is easy, but mine were frozen so I sprayed some nut blaster on locking bolts and they came out 5 mins later. I'm sceptical about getting much sound reduction from just wrapping the stock baffles. The stock baffles are open on both ends. Maybe it works, but don't see how from looking at them.

    I put the quiet baffles in mine, got the best price at Amazon. They have a plate welded on the end that goes up in the pipes that forces the travel around it and thru several holes on the side. The quiet baffles come with fiberglass wrap also on the part closer to the end. It looks just like regular sheet fiberglass that you get at home depot. You have to wrap it good with clear scotch tape or it will tear going in.

    They are not a whole lot quieter, but it's a different frequency, more deeper like the HD bagger sound. I like them. Still loud just a different loud, a bit more civilized. The harmonics at 70mph don't bother my ears as bad.

    Hope this helps ya.