Used Harley Davidson Auction Scenario

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Randall K. Wilson, Oct 18, 2009.

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    I was at a social outting last night. An acquantance who is a used car dealer advised me of the following. He regularly goes to an auction, I assume in the central Indiana area. He has noticed how low the bids are on nice used Harleys. According to him it is drastic how much the prices are dropping on these nice cycles. What seemed like was going for 12-14K is now going for 8-9K. Obviously one has to have a dealers license to bid on these units.

    A couple of weeks ago two flat bed trailers backed into the local Harley dealer unloading a batch of used Harleys (nice ones). They were getting service done on these cycles. I was advised by the truck driver that all of these cycles had come from an auction.

    My my how things are changing in Harleyland. It seems like yesterday a gent in the fall of 1991 told me that all new 1992 Harleys were sold before they were built. That comment has never dimmed from my memory.
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    It is not just Harley Land. It should not be a surprise to find the same thing happening in Boat Land, Metric Land, Winnabago Land, New Home land and the list goes on. The value (or what people can afford to pay) of everything has readjusted. When you take away all the easy money through Re-Fi's and home equity loans and force people to live within there means that will happen. Some states are being hit worse than others.
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    Randall,I totally agree with hoople here. You live in Indiana home of th R.V. industry and look what has happened there,Three of the biggest manufacturers are gone.Sun Coast RV the largest dealer in North America is gone,a diesel pusher that sold for over $200,000. two years ago can be had for under $100,000. now. Roadmaster is bankrupt and 2wks. ago Pace filed for bankruptcy.Just a sign of the times.
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    A local home builder had a sale yesterday. They offered 35,000 off a new home to the first 10 people to show up at their sales office at opening time. One guy camped out a couple of nights to makes sure he'd get in on the deal but when the sales office opened there was only him and one other person.
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    All things especially used have dropped by almost 30% or more. A couple of auctions around here have a lot more repos and the dealers are filled up with used bikes.
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    Pretty much these days, things are worth what you can get for them or willing to take. Buyers market if you will.
    I have a 99 FXSTC that I have over $20 K in.Very unique bike, never seen another one as tastefully done.
    Book (Nada, and Kelly, combined, low and high end) on it is about $9, and I wouldn't take less than $11 for it, of which I think is a very fair price, all things considered.
    Will I get that price? Who knows? Maybe, this time of year, I doubt it. Probably will have to wait until next riding season. Thought about offering it on eBay for a buy it now price of $20 K, and ship it to anywhere in the world, after $ clears.
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    Like all of the previous posters, I agree that the scenario you described at the HD dealer is almost universal. It's not only the cost of buying the items, but in running them and keeping them serviced. A few months ago, I had to pick up some parts at our local HD dealer. This guy must be doing OK, because he sells a lot of bikes and is actually adding on to his dealership. Right next to the parts counter are two rows of bikes, probably less than a year old, with for sale tags on them. These are used bikes, probably repo's, for customers who had the money a year ago, but have fallen on hard times. If you listen to the "experts", in a twist of economic fortune, while the economy is supposed to come back, in a fashion, unemployment is going to remain about the same for the next few years. If you have lived a conservative lifestyle, hopefully, you'll be able to weather the storm. But for those who took advantage of easy money, and got in over their heads, it's not going to be a pretty picture. God bless us all......
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    well it's like our grandmothers use to tell us, if you can't pay cash for it then you can't afford it. To bad common sense is a rare occurance for most of the country.

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    Martillo makes a great point...when the economy is tough, it is not the time to purchase a luxury item (sorry, but unless your HD is your primary vehicle, it is what it is) on tight budget and large credit debt...unfortunately not something we like to hear, but the realities of life are tough, and punishment for the unwary or complacent, is very unforgiving...! Yes good deals are to be had, just make sure you use your disposable income, because a good deal does not mean it is a GREAT deal to YOU. :33:
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    Holie-Molie...20K, shucks go for it! I bet you are one of those folk that likes to tell jokes and pull pranks on people....HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bigsmiley24: Let us know if you get any takers.