US Economy and '08 Daytona Bike Week

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    Interesting story in the face of H-D sales being down and all the doom in the press!

    NEWS : Daytona Bike Week Sales Remain Strong

    Daytona Bike Week Sales Remain Strong

    Local Dealers Say Business Up 15 Percent

    Daytona Beach, Fla. -- As Bike Week roars in, the tough economic times and rising gas prices are raising concerns around Daytona Beach.

    The motorcycle industry as a whole is down roughly 8 to 10 percent. But at Destination Daytona and other dealers around Central Florida, those numbers don't hold true.

    "Our business has been good here; we've been pretty much up about 15 percent here in Daytona," Harley dealership owner Bruce Rossmeyer said.

    Rossmeyer owns the largest Harley-Davidson dealership in the world, and it is raking in the cash, so much so that it's helping to offset slumping sales in his other 14 stores.

    "Business isn't what it used to be, and generally, the economy isn't what it was. You have manufacturers, big companies laying off a lot of people and buying a Harley isn't something you have to have," Rossmeyer said.

    Even with the economy in the skids and gas prices sky high, bikers like Tom Severino are still coming. He's from Massachusetts.

    "It didn't have an affect on us at all," Severino said.

    It didn't stop Ron Jacobs from Myrtle Beach, either. Jacobs said people will come regardless.

    Rossmeyer said the industry may be down, but the love of riding is strong, so expect a large crowd.

    He said local business is so good he's expecting to sell 500 bikes this month alone; more than 50 percent of Harley Davidson dealerships across the country won't even sell that many.

    Bike Week continues in Daytona Beach through March 9.

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    It's not really surprising when you look at the state of the U.S. economy. Unfortunately at least for the dealers and venders when the economy sags one of the first things to be cut from peoples budgets are Luxiory items. Most people don't consider a motorcycle as their primary mode of transpotation so it's one of the non-necessities to be cut and sales drop.

    As for Daytona, Sturgis and the rest of the ralleys it's hard for me to feel their pain. It was never supposed to be about selling stuff. It was supposed to be about riding there with your M.C. and raising hell for a week and going back home to recover. Now they are just a how much junk can you peddle party. The last one i went to was the Sturgis 50th in the 80's cause by then it wasn't fun it was just commercial. Now it's even worse. Trailering your $150,000.00 hardly ridable custom there riding it precariously down mainstreet a couple times and putting back on the trailer. Ah well each to his own. If your still going and enjoying it I think it's great for you but compared to what it used to be the funs gone for me.

    But i do miss the days of watching them pile up a bunch of rice burners at the camp ground and lighting them on fire at dusk so we could roast marshmellows. The good old days.
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    I've been to Thunder in the valley once.I won't go back ( I would rather ride than walk around ). I'm not much for poker runs either.When I roll down the driveway I have no idea where I am going to end up . The wife and I just pack the bare essentials in a pack that hangs on the sissybar and go. Sometimes we come back the same day sometimes not. Thats what makes if fun. It also helps that most of the people we ride with are the same way. Thats what makes it feel so free . We get on and take off leaving everthing behind. No plans, no destination, just the open road stretching out in front of you. JEEZ I WISH SPRING WERE HERE !!!!
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    I just got back from opening weekend in Daytona and was thinking the same thing - bad economy-where? Huge crowds and money flowing, it was a prefect weather weekend , these folks enjoy themselves. Its OFM