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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by stevec314, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Good morning all. Here in middle TN basically gas is near impossible to find. all 25 stations in our town were dry all weekend long. My question is this. The only gas I have is 87 octane ( 2-5 gal cans ) What I did was buy some octane boost for $3.00 that will do up to 15 gallons. I measured out a little less than a third and added it to five gallons of 87. My question is will this be ok for the bike? I rode about 18 miles this morning and so far it is running no different from the 93 I always use. What do you think?

    At this point it is survival of the fittest and I am saving a full Yukon for my wife to drive after she gets too low. I know it sounds nutts and evidently we are the only people in the country going through this. Nashville was sold out at 85% of the gas stations by Friday night. the 15% that had gas had lines of about 25-50 cars on average. It was CRAZY

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    Steve .. I have no idea if that would work or not. Never been faced with that situation. I wonder why you were out of gas. That is crazy!!
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    three different stories have been reported from the pipeline ( Nashville being at the end of the southern line ) to people just panick buying. Its NUTTS!!
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    Wow, our gas is down to 3.27 a gallon (regular unleaded) today, all you can pump. Maybe we got some of yours too by mistake. It should be OK Steve but take care not to run your engine in the ping zone. No lugging the RPMs and take care about heat in stop and go stuff. I've had to do the same when I couldn't find premium or mid range fuel out in BFE.
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    The octane booster will work but the 93 is a better choice naturally if it is available. That's not a good indication for the stations to be out of gas. Time for alternate fuel.
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    It's been going on for a week and a half north of Atlanta, thanks to everyone in a media induced frenzy. But then these are the same people who empty the grocery store shelves when they forecast snow flurries anywhere within 500 miles of Atlanta!