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    Went over to visit the neighbour this afternoon and saw is bike on its side in the shop. The tour box was damaged beyond a fix up. He came in and told me he was backing his long trailer into the building and hit the bike on his blind side and knocked the bike over. He is pretty (peeved) off. I am looking for another tour box on eBay for him but they don't come cheap. Fortunitly the rest of bike escaped any damage.
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    A dealer at one of our local casinos was backing her SUV down the drive one day last year when she saw in her rearveiw mirror that she was about to hit her husbands Harley. She quickly cut the wheel to the other deriction. He ended up with a new frontend for his Corvette.
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    Sadly, what you say about EBay is true. Personally, I've bought a lot of stuff from there, but always stuff that wasn't really expensive, and with the thought that if it goes South I can live with it. Kinda like taking a certain amount of cash to gamble...if you lose it, oh well. If you win, even better.

    All in all, though, I've only been burned a couple of times in well over a hundred purchases, so either I'm lucky or I'm just very careful what, and from whom, I buy.

    BTW, I got a brand new windshield, still in the box, from a Harley Dealer on EBay for about half the retail price. It was shipped to me in the box they got it in, and the tracking showed that it really came from the dealer. It was new old stock. Ya never know what you'll find out there.

    But it's definately Caveat Emptor!
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    I've bought lots of stuff off ebay,and learned to check out the shop.If its cosher,then I go ahead.VERY RARELY buy from individuals,been burned once,that weas enuff.Have found,dealing with the guys in the USA,and china have been the best experiences so far.Everybody in this rubbish country is out to rip you off.
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    I must be damned lucky. In the past 3 months I have spent over $4,000 on goods for my ride's from Ebay and all transactions have been great. I even put my 90 FLHS up for sale on there last month and sold it in one day and the guy showed up and paid $8,000 in cash. Should I be knocking on wood?:D
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    The trick I think to ebay is knowing how to spot the big guys from the ones looking to rip you off. Check the sellers feedback is a good way to determine their business ways.
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    I've bought lots of stuff on Ebay - only had a problem once - non delivery of a DVD so I was only out 10 bucks. You've got to control your emotions ("ooh what a great deal, I've GOT to get that"), do some seller research, and trust your instincts. If the seller is overseas, has questionable grammar, marginal or low feedback, or charges outrageous shipping to offset the low prices, I stay away. I've bought from huge power sellers and from individuals. Just remember, there's nothing magical about Ebay. It's simply a huge slice of society with good people AND bad people.