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Upgrading Tanks

I have an 05 Dyna Super Glide. I just seen a picture of the same bike, but it is the new model. I really like the way the tank is set up on the new bikes, It has the speedometer on the tank instead of on the handle bars.

My question is, If I order a new tank, wil they bolt up to my 05 frame?
The new bikes may have had changes in the frame as well as many other areas due to the new motors etc. so before ordering the tank, I would check with a good parts guy to find out first.
its going to be a fun ride my wife and I have been doing some of that with her 02 dyna, she didn't like the handle bars and the head light and also she didn't like the console of the tank her low rider

sooo we have been doing some hit and miss tial and error on things some things have bolted right up and others we had to make work. i think it was glider that said it best get a good parts guy to work with.

Good luck