Upgrade Ignition Module Replacement



What all is involved in replacing the ignition module? It appears you have to drill out the two rivets, and probably have to make sure you use a timing light when adjusting the module along its grooved holes. After drilling out the rivets, what do you have to do to put screws back in?

You'd need to either use rivets to affix the top cover, or tap threads into the rivet holes in the back cover.

You're also going to need to take apart the deutsch connector to remove the module wires and re-install the leads to the new module.

I'm assuming that you're removing the stock module and replacing it w/an aftermarket unit?

One thing I do just because is to NOT run a cover over the ignition module. I like watching the light blink at idle.

With the TwinTec - I might put a clear cover on it so that I can still see the unit, but prevent unwanted little fingers from tweaking the neat little adjusters.

Yeah, there are Dayton Twintec kits on Ebay with the coil and wires for $250 including shipping. I am not sure I will have time to work on it anytime soon, but that price looks pretty good. Is it a worth while upgrade?
If your engine has been modified (high-compression, aggressive cams) to the point that it needs a timing curve that's different than that provided by the stock 883 module, THEN an ignition upgrade is a cost-efficient component of the entire package. I've STILL got a stock 883 module in my 883/1200 w/N4s and "Ray's Garage" headwork ( minor cleanup ).

If you get the Twin-Tec - your $250 price doesn't sound high enough to include a coil - you'll probably want a single-fire coil of the proper resistance to mate w/the new module.

if you're getting mid-RPM pinging as you roll on the throttle, that sounds suspiciously like the VOES is switching between the advanced/normal curves at the wrong time. You might want to take a look at the writeup on adjusting the VOES . I think it was done by Moshe or Dale Amsden ( search the sportster.org archives ) you may be able to fix this w/a little time, a screwdriver, and a glob of silicone sealant.
We have a '97 Ultra 1340 Evo that's fuel injected and would like to up grade the ignition system . Is there a coil for this or what would need to be done.
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We have a '97 Ultra 1340 Evo that's fuel injected and would like to up grade the ignition system . Is there a coil for this or what would need to be done

Take a look at Daytona Twin Tec LLC - Fuel Injection Systems and Ignition Modules for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

They have coils and modules with selectable advance curves.
Download their catalog. Lots of ignition items. Just be sure to measure your primary resistance and match it up. The ignition module has to drive that load resistance.