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    Is the expense ( 500+ ) worth it,to update to a SE Compensator. I've heard the difference is unbelievable.
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    I did mine about a month ago. My original Comp was noisy and banged occasionally on startup. It functioned fine but sounded and felt sloppy. I won't tell you that all the marbles in a can sound is completely gone with the SE comp but it's much better. The original comp would make chunk, chunk sounds when slightly adding or letting up on the throttle. That's almost gone as well. When I removed the original comp it looked in great condition. I had 20000 miles on it when removed. The new SE comp is better built. The latest version has an "A" after the part number. Now I've heard folks say that the SE comp may have lubrication issues. It never ends. There are 2 ways of installing it. One involves grinding a little of the case to remove the old one. The other method involves removing the inner primary. If you having the dealer do it, opt for the latter method. Overall I would do it again. It's a better comp and the sound and feel of it is tighter than the old comp.
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    SE Compensator Sprocket - Harley Davidson Community here is a good thread on that one of many you can find here on the Forum:s
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    As Jack just said, do a forum search and you'll come up with HOURS of reading about the compensator. I did mine and I'm glad I did. Do it yourself and it'll only be about half of the cost you mentioned.