Update on leaking derby cover

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    I removed the finned derby cover Saturday morning and set it on a glass top table to see if it was warped , it did rock a little . After closer inspection I could see that every bolt hole was pulled out a little in the back . I took it back to the dealer and showed him what it looked like and also showed him exactly where the oil was seaping past the pan cake gasket . He took it back and showed one of the techs and came back and told me to grab another new one . The tech said NOT to torque the screws on these , I had torqued them to 95 in. lbs., he said just snug them up good which I did and no leak . The collection ones are no where near as thick through the holes as the stock covers so I can see by torqueing them as per the instructions can cause this . The only thing I'm going to do is check the screws every so often to make sure they are staying tight .I really didn't want to use gasket sealer or 2 gaskets and it looks like I won't have to .
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    Use blue loctite or small wavey washers underneath the screws. Either will keep the screws from becoming loose and either will allow you to remove them if you ever need too.

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    Good deal, now get out and ride!
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    Sounds like the desigave a different torque called out ?n needs to be improved on the collector types. Did the instructions that came with it have a different torque called out?