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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by slim jim, May 4, 2010.

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    I have been fixing all the problems as i find them. I thought i had most of them fixed, so i went out for a spin on thursday and went about 1 mile when i felt the bike struggling. I was pulling over to the side and it just stopped and would not move. The front brake had sized up. It was so bad it melted the paint off the caliper and warped the disc so bad it looked like a saucer! Well, i got that squared away and brakes work fine. This is hard to find a used seat for, outside of buying a new one. I went to a swap meet sunday and could not find one. I also found the right exhaust system for the bike and installed it sunday. It is much to quiet! I found a nice set of side covers and put them on. I always felt this bike ran hard and felt crisp. When i was replacing the side covers, i found it had se ignition module. Does anybody know what seats will fit, mine seat is hindged on the right side most of the seats i have found have tabs on both ends. I am shure i will find more things to fix. That,s all for know. latter
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    Check E bay or post here in correct forum for a seat