Unusual Decel Popping

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by puhi711, May 16, 2012.

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    Recently, I've been experiencing a decel popping on my '08 Road King that's different from what I've read on the forum. My decel popping happens when the gas tank is full and later goes away or occurs less when the level goes down. I got a Hypercharger air filter, V&H duals with Rush slip-ons with 1 3/4" baffles and a V&H Fuelpak with the corresponding map. I removed the Fuelpak and it still happens. I bought the bike with the Fuelpak and Rush slip-ons and it worked before with the stock headers. It even worked after I installed the V&H duals and was getting 40 mpg, but now I'm only getting high 20 to low 30 mpg.

    I do have error codes P0132 and P0152 which indicates both cylinders are running rich, with and without the Fuelpak. My dealer says the Fuelpak is rubbish and wants to install a SERT and dyno the bike, but I really don't want to have to spend the amount they want to charge me with no guarantee the symptoms will be removed. They also says the gas I use may be the cause of some of the problems. My thoughts was to have the dealer fix the error codes and see if they can solve the decel popping problem without installing the SERT. Later, I'll change the gas I use and can reinstall the Fuelpak.

    I've read all I could on this forum and others, but would really appreciate some sound advice for my predicament.

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    Check the fuel tank vent. Not sure what that is for your bike but I'm guessing its a tube with a check valve on the end that runs down in front of the seat and vents downward toward the ground. If this tube gets plugged or check valve stuck, it allows pressure to build in the fuel tank when the fuel expands as it warms. It would then pressure the fuel out of the system even more than it should be. When the tank is empty the space left once taken by the fuel is an expansion area that allows the pressure to not get as high.
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    What are you running for gas? unburnt gas (running to rich) will effect your mpg and also could be the cause of your decel popping. I'd get it leaned out and see if things improve.:D
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    Are you 100% committed to this dealer? In other words, are there any other dealers around you could try? This one is just trying to steal your $$$ IMHO. Fuelpak is definitely not "rubbish." Lots of happy V&H Fuelpak users out there!
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    Vance Hines: Performance Exhaust Systems Check here first for tech support, Fuel paks are NOT junk, The SERT would limit you more and Dyno time is not cheap, as far as the Hypercharger check it close for air leaks and be sure the butterfly is opening all the way and not choking the motor
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    The butterfly on the Hypercharger actually closes as the RPM's raise.
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    Corn-Fused: The cause of popping, I thought, was running too lean...:coffee