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Unknown (To Me) Hand Signal Today

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Riding along on a four lane, divided, limited access highway today jammin' to some ZZ Top (got to upgrade my speakers, though!). Waved at a pack of three or four bikes going the other way and the lead rider was patting the top of his helmet in an up and down motion while the rest just returned my wave. I passed a policeman on the shoulder but it was like 2 or 3 miles down the road. Is this the hand signal to warn other riders about the "law?" Never run across it before. Anyone know a good website/list of universal hand signals?

The patting of the head usually means that somebody is ahead eating dough nuts :D
Good to know, when we are playing with water ski, tap on the head means return to the dock.

One time, I was followed the other rider, we both friend but I just didn't know the area, we were riding along the he tapped on his helmet and pointed to the left, I though "turn left and going home" but then we both passed the intersection, we stop and I asked him "what was that signal?". When we drive our boats, what does it means? He said. I then said "turn left and go home" and he said " why I didn't?" I look at both Bikes and said " I though we were on our bikes, not boats".
A group I used to ride with, "patting the top of the head" by any member told those around "I've got problems and need to pull over".
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Yes, instead of warning you with high beams on a car, patting the top of your helmet tells of cops down the road!

Not for sure if true but --- I have heard if you flash your headlights to warn others and if the L. E. O. or another one catches you doing it,they can issue a citation under "Faulty Equip." ??????
over here they would have you done for perverting the cause of justice or obstructing the law - in other words by warning that they are down the road you are stopping them doing their job

Yes, but in the UK you have "Sus" laws also (a cop has more leeway based solely upon suspicion). It's more of a free-for-all in the US!
I was always under the assumption that tapping the helmet in group was the same as 'heads up' as in bump in the road or rough railroad crossing. In an instance where the followers could not readily see the obstacle like the lead rider.