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    I'm riding a 99 FLHR, bought 'slightly' used in 2003. It has a lowering kit installed. I'm wondering if the ride would be improved un-lowering the bike? Would any ride improvement be worth the effort? Can it be put back to original height? Would this be 'easy' to do or should it be done at my favorite shop? I've two-wheeled to Sturgis and Key West from Northern, Kentucky so I'm not exactly complaining of the ride. Just considering whether or not the change would be an improvement. Tnx in advance for the replies.
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    It would depend on HOW it was lowered. Usually in the front a change of springs is done to a different height spring (shorter). It's relatively easy to do once you have the standard spring in hand. You dissemble the RF nacelle and go in through the tube caps. Don't forget to support the bike if you do this.

    In the rear, it could be a shorter shock used or a lowering device which mounts between the lower end of the shock and the stock mount on the swing arm. It just requires removing the add on and bolting the shock to it's normal position if it uses this method. Shorter shocks will need replacing with the standard length shock.

    You will get a better ride with the standard height suspensions.
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    I wish could help you.........I ask....Are you the guy from airport 77..?:)
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    It will ride like it left the factory with the right geometry and suspension travel:s
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    The older I get I find the lower I want to get.

    In my twenties some of my bikes were Hondas. I always felt like I was on my tip-toes, even at 5' 11" and most of that legs. My first Super Glide seemed to be only as tall as that Sturgis belt-drive bike Willie G designed for his trip to SD. That prototype became the Lowrider.

    I recently sat on a Fat Boy Lo. Low? To me it felt like where a bike should sit anyway. I can see if you're 6' 5" or not mom's favorite and you need a big bike to survive.

    But if you can sit at a light with your knees slightly bent, feet flat, and you don't scrape anything, then the bike is perfect.
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    Hi Glider,

    Got a friend with a 87 tour glide that has been lowered in the rear with smaller shocks. He wants to replaced with a standard size shock. Original were air shocks and we are looking at going with progressive 412's but can't decide on what size to use. Any suggestions?