Ultra TourPak Detach Completed

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Jammr, Apr 21, 2009.

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    The deed is done! Since the HD parts manual does not include the Ultra in the fitment matrix for the necessary parts, it took quite a bit of research. Thanks to all here who tried to help. Someone also said to ask the dealer and they'll look it right up but, sadly, that wasn't the case. I talked to three different dealers, and got three different answers along with a slew of bad part numbers.

    Now, for the good part. I checked prices everywhere and found (on glider's advice) that Zanottis had the absolute rock-bottom prices. The whole job, including a new sissy bar and pad cost under $600. I'm putting the part numbers here for anyone who wants to do the same mod to an 05 Ultra. Hopefully it will save you a lot of research and frustration. :s

    53303-07 - pak kit w/rack, lic plate mount, docking points.
    53803-06 - docking kit for sissy bar.
    70113-08 - light harness
    52933-97B - standard height sissy bar
    52886-98C - sissy pad w/mounting plate
    52825-05 - backrest mount (this is optional. The pad comes with a mounting plate but it's cheesy looking and this is an upgrade.)

    More good news. The handling is completely different without the "pizza box" (as Richard calls it) on the back. Lean and cornering are much improved. I had to raise the right side floorboard after dragging it around a corner. :p It's much easier to hold up at a stop too, without all that top weight.

    I'm very pleased with the results. Now, a Clearview recurve and a TFI, and we're ready to roll! I'll post a pic as soon as the rain stops.

    Ride safe,