ultra glide classic vs the limited

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bubba1213, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. bubba1213

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    I am confused I am looking at buying a ultra glide is there much difference between the limited and classic ? I think one is a 96 and one is a 103 is there really that much differnce

    Thanks for the help
  2. ultra...good

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    Bigger motor, ABS, heated handgrips, about $3000 more. I think that is it for major differences. Compare online or ask a dealer, it would be interesting to see if they know the difference, have a dollar that says they have to ask their manager though!!! Good luck!!!
  3. artfuentes

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    I looked at both as well. Bought the limited and I'm glad I did. The bigger motor, and ABS alone are worth it. The heated grips are great as well, Never thought about using them, until I rode in Lake Tahoe in very cold temps and now I swear by them.
  4. Breeze3at

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  5. Mad Dog Jim

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    On the motor size, I checked them out a couple years ago and found that Torque per dollar seems WAY expensive to me. I would personally get a gut stock one and put my $3,000 where I thought it was best suited. (pipes, Intake, T-Max, ETC)
  6. dbmg

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    If there is no problem with the $$$$$$$, then it only makes sense to get the Limited because...... when laying the cash out 6 month to a year later you do not want to kick yourself for not taking the plunge, and then not enjoying the Ultra...
  7. 45fish

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    don't forget that it also has a oil cooler and a gauge package.
  8. glen073

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    I went with the Limited. Love the ABS, even though I have not had to use it yet. The heated grips are great! I do a lot of early morning riding in temps in the 30's and never get cold hands. The chrome wheels look great compared to the Ultra Classics along with the Limited's gauges. Then there's the 103. By no means is it a super fast bike, but has smooth power for passing without down shifting. Also the the rack on the Tour Pak and plug in for charging your cell phone or what ever in the Tour Pak.
  9. whacko

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    A friend of mine bought an electra glide ultra limited for 2010. It has the 103 and he let me take it for a spin and what others have posted is true......it is definately not a fast ride. My FXDC with the 96 accelerates better. Also I just looked at pricing and for some reason the price went down about 600 bucks from 2010 to 2011 on the ultra limited. STRANGE......but good to see a price DECREASE for a change. If I were looking at a touring model like an electra glide and wanted power I think saving almost 4K and getting the classic with the 96 and going to stage 1.....probably gonna get more bang for the buck that way. But if you want the ABS and more whizbang stuff go with the ultra.
  10. Kingspoke

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    The price difference of $1,000 between 2010 and 2011 is the fact that they didn't offer Black in the 2010, otherwise there is no price difference. The 2011 has the SE compensator, & I believe a newer lower cut seat.

    If you were take out the ABS & Security package the 103 upgrade would be costing you only $800, minus the oil cooler, it is really only $400 dollars for a 103 upgrade. It's a no brainer! Chrome wheels, Tour Pack Rack w/power outlet, Limited badging, & heated grips on top of the aforementioned.:s