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    Hey all, A (hopefully simple) question. The front speakers on my 2000 ultra just quit on day. What do you think the problem is and how do I get to it? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Just the fronts? I'd check fuses first. Not sure how complicated it would be to switch the wires from fronts to rears to see if it was a speaker problem or a radio problem.
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    Before you do anything too extreme, wander out to the bike and work the switch on your dash back and forth between all three positions rapidly and a number of times. You may have some corrosion on the contacts. If this doesn't help, take the front fairing off and look at the connections on the speakers. Look OK? No broken wires? If OK, wiggle the the wires on the speaker posts to ensure there is good contact there. If no go, take the switch cover off and check the condition of the speaker switch to make sure the wires and connections look OK there. If all OK so far, but fronts not working, pull one of the speakers out of the rear and unplug one of the fronts and see if the radio is putting out signal to the front. If it works, go get some new speakers. If it doesn't work, yank the radio and send it to Radio Sound along with $135. They will send you back the box refurbished. See here:

    RadioSound - Customer Service

    If it was the speakers, go to Walmart and buy some of the Pioneer 2-way speakers. I would do both the front and rears. I put them on my bike, and the sound is WAY better than the OEMs.

    Walmart.com - Help

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    I'm sure you've already done this, but just in case, have you checked the fader control?
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    TQ had some great suggestions.All I'll add is if you wiggle the connections and it improves, you might try adding a squirt of diode electrical grease.