Ultra Classic vs. Hurricane Ida

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    Finally getting around to posting my recent journey:

    I went to North Carolina over 9 days ago for work. My father made some comments to me (he doesnt ride) that he would love to tag along for a trip. I borrowed some gear for my father, checked the weather and we hit the road. At the time, the forcast said there was a 30% chance of showers on Wednesday in NC and we would be heading back when it was 70 and sunny on Thursday or Friday. We left and it was 26 degrees and 6 hours later it was 70 in NC.

    Work went well and my dad (retired) and I got to spend some time together that hasn't happened all that much with the "daily grind". I had been making excuses or always "to busy". Not this time! So, we made some memories.

    Of course, the weather dramatically changed and the remanants of hurricane Ida sat over the our path home. Early Thursday morning we had a wedge of no rain on the radar from Raleigh to Richmond. I decided to go for it.

    We never made it to Virginia before the rain began. Oh, and I forgot about the wind.... Anyway, after 7 hours we made it home, and aside from crossing the Potomac River Bridge at 25 mph with my hazard lights on (the wind was impressive to say the least) the Ultra Classic handled very, very well.

    Some things I learned:
    Z-Wax (anti-fog) works pretty well when it is cold. Cold and wet: doen't work at all.
    First Gear Rain Suit/Gerbing gloves/HD boot covers= dry. Really, I was completely dry after being sprayed with a firehose for ~6 hours. The only thig wet was the padding in my helmet from capillary action.
    I know the weight of the bike and a full load helped with the wind and being blown around the lane a bit, but I kept the speed at 55mph or less for most of the trip (not many 4 wheelers were going any faster). The bike handled great and never go "loose". I did have new tires: 4 weeks old, and that was important. "Baloney skins" with minimal tread would not have been an option I would have attempted.

    Probably a little too much risk, but since everything turned out well, my dad and I now share a great adventure. How many we have left: I don't know. But I am sure glad I didn't put this trip off. We loved every minute of it!
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    its nice to see ya spend time with you dad they can leave us in an instant my mine has been go since 1996 and i miss him dearly
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    You both can share this adventure and be proud. My Dad is gone now and it is great to have times like these to remember.
  4. Haywire

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    Nice to have memories like this down the road.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Nice post The last thing I shared with my dad was a picture of my 07 StreetBob He had a JDH olive drab he pointed at the picture and said nice machine I miss him hold onto yours as long as u can, Jack
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    Wish I could have shared something like that with mine. Father has been gone since 1954, step-father since 2006. Both of them would have enjoyed it. Take every opportunity you can get.

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    Having parents who share the joy of riding is an honor and a privilege. When growing up both my parents "forbid" riding on 2 wheels because they were "-so dangerous". The reality is both my parents did ride scooters when younger, but having 5 kids, you did not want to lose "control". But later on, in my pre-teens I finally broke the barrier, doing bicycle long distance touring on a road bike...my sisters followed soon after. Only a long time later after my dad passed did my mom (now 85) revealed that she rode and even took a ride with me out back, which is quite gratifying even now...especially when her Harley riding son comes rumbling up and you see her big smile from ear to ear. Never to late, as long as you take the time to enjoy the dream.! :D
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    I lost my dad when I was 24 and he was only 59. You are doing the right thing by spending time and making memories for sure. I often think of all the times as a young boy sitting on the banks of Lake Sakakwea (Missouri River) catching walleye, floating on logs and burning campfires with my father. I look back now and realize he was doing the same thing, making memories, only he was maing them for me. Be very thankful you have the opportunity to make some memories for him. I wish I could do that.
  9. srf506

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    Great story and I'm glad you're both safe and sound. Ida appeared to be a lot worse as a tropical system in the NE than it was as a minor hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast.

    Not to hijack your thread, but had a similar experience on the 9-11 Memorial Ride this year in late August. Leaving the Flt 93 site in PA it poured on us from a spent tropical storm. Like you said though, the FLHTCU handled it like a champ.
  10. alto

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    To heck with the stock market, the job, the bank account. You just increased your wealth more than you can imagine. Good for you! Good for your dad.
    Like others here, I lost my dad/best friend/musician buddy two years ago. Your story made me smile. Yeah man! Good for you both.