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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SeaRider04, Sep 24, 2011.

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    I took a demo ride on a 11 Ultra and was very close to sign a dotted line right after I got back to dealer but anyway... . My Heritage handle bar is a little too high for me and I already pulled it back in far as it can go, handling is much better and my hands rest feel much relaxing but the Ultra's bar is perfect fit. I was thinking of getting different bar like the Ultra for my Heritage and or different bar that will bring it closer and lower and or getting a set of pull back riser but not sure if the Ultra's bar would fit. Basically, I like to bring the handle bar little closer and really like the shape of the Ultra's bar. Does the Ultra's bar fit on my Heritage?. Any other options?.
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    Try entering "electra glide bars on heritage" in the search box at top right of page. I know there's been several threads of Heritage bars on E-glides, probably been a couple the other way too.
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    You want to go opposite to most touring model riders. The RK bar that is substituted for the Heritage bar on Road Kings puts the rider in a better position. You may find that the RK bar would work for you and there should be a few around being RK riders swap for heritage bars.