Ultra Classic AM/FM antenna wire replacement

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 03fxsti, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Saturday my radio stopped receiving AM and FM radio stations. :( I did a little trouble shooting starting in the tour pack. Everything was fine there. I pulled the fairing apart and found there was a problem with the connection going into the back of the radio. I ordered an new antenna wire and got around to installing it today. This was a little more involved than I was hoping. I had to take the liner out of the tour pack. Next removed the seat, left side saddle bag, and the cover over the fuse panel. Removed the fuel tank, and the fairing and windshield. I thought I would be able to run it through the same sleeves as the factory routing, but quickly gave up on that idea as there were too many sharp bends and the sleeves were too close fitting to easily get the new antenna wire through. I closely followed the factory routing, and zip tied it in place where necessary. Plugged in both ends and turned on the radio to make sure everything worked. I then put everything back together. Total time involved; about three and half hours. Turned out to be a bigger job than I anticipated, but, I have a better understanding of how my bike is put together. :D
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    Give you a at a boy for getting it done and not completely loosing your patience...:s Might bike still have warrty????
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    Wow...I've installed phone/network cables into tiny spaces over long distances that were filled w/bugs, mice, etc. & it was easier than running the cable on your scoot. You've got more patience than me - good job for keeping your cool.
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    Nice job 03fxsti, I hope you can return the wire and put the $$ toward some chrome :D All too often I find bad connections, not just on the bike. It amazes me how many times I can take something apart only to put it back together again and have it work again. :bigsmiley8:

    Again, nice job :small3d018: thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for the encouraging words. To answer the question, my bike is still under warranty, but, I hate not knowing who is working on it. The new antenna wire cost me $13 and change and the dealer had one on the shelf. I like doing my own work, gives me a better understanding of the inner workings of my ride. Now if I could only find the patience to take photos while I do this stuff, it might help others like the illustrated posts help me! Next time.