Ultra clasic rear tire

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by johnsrg, Sep 6, 2009.

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    The book says to plug a tire from the inside only. Can I get away with pluging it from the outside? Small hole (nail) about one inch from the center of the rear tire.

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    Tire plug or Fix-a-Flat inflator type repairs are only to get you out of the woods and to the dealer. Basically the problem is modern motorcycle tires have multiple plys of nylon, aramid (Kevlar) and these materials act like saws abrading the the rubber plugs (I have in the past used the self vulcanizing rope type, which were more durable). So the only real way to do the repair properly is a patch on the inside.

    Since you already have the tire dismounted and off, it makes little sense to repair a used motorcycle tire which has so much stress on the tread and sidewalls and so little contact surface for such a temporary and possibly dangerous condition. Motorcycling is acceptance of risk, why increase that exposure?