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    I have my back rest adjusted up as far as it will go and I cannot quite get comfortable on the highway using the pegs , if I use one hand it is perfect , I was thinking of getting longer reach handle bars , I am in India at the moment on a work hitch and I don't have the bike in front of me, does anyone know the stock bar reach for a 2001 ultra , I could use the reach of 2 to three more inches , also any recommendations of brand names and I would prefer to get just the max amount of reach without interfering or changing cables

    thanks in advance
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    From my HD acc. catalog and an online site.
    FLH / FLSTF / FLHR 55919-82T tip 32.5 base14.25 rise5.75 pullback9 knurl c/c3.52

    Handlebar Replacement
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