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ultra 2003 gauges lost power


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Thanks for your help folks. I have not tried asking for help before. Usually by gosh or by golly or by service manual have got it done for me but...
i have lost my power to the gauges and their lights except for the speedometer. The fuses are good, have power at the fuses, the ignition switch relay clicks, don't know if it is good? Where do i look next?
If the fuses are all good or appear to be, I would use a test light and check both ends of the fuse. I have seen where the fuse looks OK but it is broken inside the end of the fuse so the appearance is good but the fuse is not. The test light should light on both ends with that system activated.

From there I would start at the gauges where the power comes in and work back towards the fuses to find where the power is interrupted. Also check the ground wires in the area of the battery where they are attached to the frame.

You also may want to check the voltage at the battery.
Thanks for the advise Glider,
I checked the fuse by exchanging them. Fuse OK.
I checked the fuse with a meter, complete circuit. fuse OK.
I checked the power and got voltage, but it was while off and on both that I got voltage at the instruments fuse, this seems weird to me??
I am not a good electrical trouble shooter.
I scanned the wiring diagrams out of the shop manual
and printed them out 24 x 36 inch size for my old eyes
and hung them on the roll up door in the lab (garage)
and circled all of the lights and gauges that did not work
and started tracing the hot wires with a colored pencil set
and they started to come together at the lighting relay
but the relay clicked and it seemed to be good
but I bought a new relay today anyway
and plugged it in
and shazzam, I have my lights and gauges back.
Well done! Not only do you have the pride of Owning your bike, you have the hundreds of bucks still in your wallet that the dealer would have charged you.
Sounds like the relay contacts were burnt. Do you have any additional accessories hooked to that circuit, extra lighting etc?

Great way of tracing the circuits too.:s