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    Has anyone used an Ultra Cool oil cooler and if so what do you think of it? I am thinking about getting one. They are expensive but I like the fact that its thermostatically controlled and has a blower fan for good air flow in stop and go traffic.
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    I understand that we want to do the best for our bikes. My opinion is when working at a Harley dealer we serviced and sold 20 Electra Glide police bikes to the city. The only additional item installed was heated grips. The way they are designed for police duty with O.E. standard oil cooler from the factory are the way they are run. So if they are able to with stand the severe duty of city police life than why bother?
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    Yikes,, just think of the oil temps on a city driven police bike in July.:newsmile040:

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    Smitty is simply saying majority of the heat generation is from the internal combustion portion of engine output...frictional losses and cooling of the oil is only a small portion of heat exchange/air cooled engine process.

    The other thing is the main oil tank reservoir by design is "isolated" somewhat from the direct engine heat. So merely having an oil cooler should help and should be all you need. Also fans are mechanically not very reliable and will fail in a few years.
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    I understand the heat is generated by the internal combustion and cooling the oil isn't going to do alot for cooling the jugs. Isn't the piont of an oil cooler to cool that oil so that it doesn't reach temperatures that break down the oil and hinder it from properly lubricating the engine? I guess thats where I see a fan cooled unit as a good idea in hot city traffic where airflow is a problem. I removed the standard engine driven fan on a van I used to pull a travel trailer and installed an electric fan that would keep the air flowing in slow traffic and hot weather. It made a huge difference, even with the transmission temperature as it kept the air flowing across that cooler as well.
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    the van example is quite different....water/fluid cooled so the fan kept air going across the radiator(s) and then the cooled water keeps the engine cooler as it is the heat sink for the engine. As others are saying the HD engine is air cooled not oil cooled. Cooler oil is a good thing but wont dramatically help the engine cooling like your van example. A bike like a Victory or BMW twin might benefit more as it is oil/air cooled.
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    Type in Ultra Cool oil cooler in the search section here on the forum or contact HDT member Zoood. There are some threads on this product and Zoood is a contact for the U.C. oil cooler.
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    I know the oil cooler isn't ment to cool the air cooled engine, its ment to keep the oil temperature below the temperature level at which brekdown occurs. I learned from putting the electric fan on my van that the good air flow across my transmission oil cooler at lower speeds made a dramatic difference in the transmission oil temperature and I have to believe there would be a noticable difference in the oil temperature of an air cooled V-twin engine that had a fan forced oil cooler. Its a matter physics. The greater the air flow across the fins of the cooler, the more heat that is dissipated into the air.