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Tyre/Tire pressure

English Mike

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I am curious to know if anyone ever changes pressure on the ol HD when going from single to two up and vicky verky?

I only change it when vicky verky rides with me:D

You should increase it to 38-40 checked cold in the rear (tire) when you ride with vicky verky.:D She must be a heavy weight:naughty
unless your running Metzler ME880's which like 44psi front and 46psi rear cold, if Vicky is on the back (and the wife dosen't find out) 48psi in the rear.
I have Dunlop H-D stock tires on my Heritage and although the book says 36psi in both, I keep 40psi in my rear tire all the time. Linda rides with me so much on the weekends I just don't find it necessary to lower the rear pressure to 36 when i drive it to work and back during the week.
The more common tire weight equasions should be in the small manual that came with your bike & it applies unless you have went to another tire. Most of my riding is on hi-ways where the speed limit is 55+. I prefer running my tires 2 lbs over the recommended weight because the bike rolls better & is more economical.:eam
I don't ride double, but if I was I would probably follow the manual and add the extra pressure.
Though it'll be along time off before Vicky or anyone else is riding on back, I was curious about the tire pressure as well. I'm also curious as to the air suspension ride... should I alter that as well? Chances are, if the Mrs ever DOES go for a ride, it shan't be a long one (one time around the proverbial block, and she'll probably want off!)... so should I even bother for such a short trip?? She's not a teeny girl, but she's swearing to lose weight to do this... but even then, I expect she'll still be... shall we say, ample. (God I hope she never reads this!)

I'm sending the Mrs a copy of this post, boy are you in trouble!:54: