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Tyra Banks makes me sick


Her show this morning was stupid as can be. These 6 women who thought they where Gods gift to mankind where divided in 3's. 1 set of 3 thought they where blessed with beauty the other 3 thought they where cursed with beauty. Not one of the 6 would turn a head in a crowded room.
Sure if you in the boonys with no choice or they the only women around, but the way they talked men drool over them. They where o.k. at best, nithing to write home about.
Isn't it amazing that they have no concept of the fact that they are just not nice women or have bad personalities or anything like that...oh my , we are too beautiful for people to like us....please! Also the blessed ones, try not putting out etc and see how far relying on that beauty takes you. What a mess!!
I could never sit still to watch this stuff, i would be asleep in 10 minutes, some shallow chick talking to a bunch of even more shallow people, please, that sounds nauseating to me.
It sickens me physically to watch anything to do with her shows. When the commercials are on I flip the channel. The only guys that are with those girls are guys looking for a trophy.
Amen brother what a Bit*** cant even watch it for second
We have enough condisending a holes in this world as it is