Typical 2009 Touring Problems

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Giopad65, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Giopad65

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    Hi everybody,
    after reading and posting on this forum about the TCA connector problem (error codes P1511 and P2135), I am wondering if there is a kind of "list of typical 2009 Touring problems" that I can read to figure out what I could expect from my motorcycle (2009 Road King), beside what already happened. :s


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I have not seen a Short or Long list of problems on the 09 touring bike.

    BUT I only address MY King.

    My 09 King had the Normal, I'll List the things:

    Too Lean.. Off the show room floor EPA:(.
    Too Hot... Nature of a big twin and EPA...
    came with the wrong 3 fluids for me.


    Opened air (se air) and exhaust (V&H slip-ons)

    The Dobecks TFI I added, took care of the too lean fuel and some of the heat.

    Fluids changed to all Redline products:

    I use 20/50 Redline full synthetic oil for the engine and that took some of the heat away at the start.

    MTL in the primary (v-twin primary the same)

    ShockProof Heavy in the tranny.

    Now riding it in Hot Az. with the Proper Lubes for me and my bike.

    I installed a 6 row Jagg oil cooler, thermostat controled. Mounted cooler on the down tubes left side,Looks and Works great.

    Now that really helped in the Heat.

    I have Not had any problems out of the normal wear and maintainance needed to keep my bike running good.

    Can't point a finger too much at HD, but when I modified my cams to a SE255's I did have an oil problem to baffel Most..... that has corrected it's self when I added the oil cooler.

    So you ask for a list?

    If you find one Longer, please post it here so I can see WHAT might go wrong on my 09 FLHR:D
    @ 45,000 miles

  3. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Totally agree w/Bubbie, but:

    - Started w/TFI & swapped w/GEN3
    - Mobile1 20W/50 Synth in motor
    - Spectro 6-speed in tranny
    - Spectro Primary fluid

    Other than that - haven't had/heard of more problems...
  4. Mongo1958

    Mongo1958 Junior Member

    My 2009 Ultra Classic

    I installed Kury grips inducing an issue that caused the engine light to come on and the bike going into limp mode. Other than that, I have had no issues

    In addition, I have had the recalls performed on the bike. However, you may want to do a search regarding 6 speed Trany issues.
    I did a lot of reading when I got my 09 Ultra. Some of it got me a little worried.
    My bike has 30K miles and has been a solid ride so far. Aside from the induced issue that I caused, the bike has been fault free.

  5. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    Other than the two recalls, front tire cupping and rear brake thingy, had to do a slight adjustment to the throttle grip. Only other issue is not enough days off and money to just go ride.:D
  6. Mongo1958

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    Hi, Not trying to hi-jack this thread. I hope its OK to ask a question.
    Would you happen to have a few pics of the oil cooler installed on your bike?
    What Adapter did you use? what was the total cost?


  7. Lawdog314

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    I will second the request for more info on the oil cooler BUBBIE. Probably won't get to it this year, but sounds like a good winter project. (That is when it is too cold to ride BUBBIE. I bet you don't suffer that season in AZ! :s) Thanks Brother!
  8. Retrop

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    I remember asking my Dad a question similiar to that a month after I first got married. I said, "Isn't there a book or something which will tell me what to look out for"? He said that there might be such a book available but it would likely weight 300 pounds and require a dolly to move it.
    So, unless somebody else knows something the rest of us don't know, the answer would be "just love em and learn".
  9. glenreeder

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    2009 FLHX. ditto on what Bubbie has listed. Really has been a trouble free bike, and has been very enjoyable to ride, 34,000 miles. ( Bubbie, 45k on an 09 is impressive, you have too much time on your hands)
  10. BUBBIE

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Not REALLY.

    I bought the 09 Late, at the End of the 09 year in august when the new 2010 model was Just out on the floor after Sturgis...

    SO that gives me another YET, Shorter time of ownership.

    I bought it, Not only because of the $$$$ savgs., but it came with NO Cats... Glad I bought the only OLD one left in that HD store.:D

    Got all the parts together Now to go 103. I'm Not doing a BIG Production. Heads by "Dewey's Heads" up in Wa. pretty much stock size valves but all new components, some smoothing and the CC to 85cc, PRvalves installed and what is called "BluePrinted" by Don Doorfman... I'm using 103 SE flat top pistons on seasoned cylinders that were set up and bored to the pistons by Prodrag1320, Kirby. Used to be a member here long back but got the boot ??? probably for not joining up as a vendor.. He has a full line, machine shop and sells parts and builds motors (bikes).

    He holds Many NHRA records for FAST hd's....

    I do plan to take pictures for those who wanted to see My installed Jagg cooler on my 09 FLHR...

    I'll send them to Tank and Maybe he will post them here for me.. Thanks in asdvance Tank...