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  1. kinda curious-- anybody have any experience with the TYPHOON CARB from CARLS SPEED SHOP? Im really interested as to how well that carb performs in what i call real world day to day riding conditions.... what i did find funny was carl morrow telling me himself---" no one rides in 30 degree weather". OLE WILDPIG JEST SMILED AT CARL AND SAID--- YOU JUST DONT KNOW.
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    Never hear dof it so can't say . but that funny i dont stop riding till it gets under 30ish or snow and ice are to bad
  3. well the typhoon is machined outta billet aluminum an get this -- uses 1 -- count'em 1 jet only. it is a cv carb and cost round 1200 bux.... quite bueatiful.... carl is actually world renoune an has set many hd speed records-- although he is known to be a bit abrasive as a buisenss man..... his shop has been in daytona -- forever.
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    reason why he says they dont fide un 30 is it freezes up .. Had a carb like this for a big block chevy at 30 and under it would ICE up same ideal 1 jet big fuel volume
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    I live in VA and ride all 12 months. From Jan-Mar you gotta want to ride. It's cooooold.

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    Well, it looks pretty, but then a $1000 piece of virtual "Unobtainium" usually is...


    Not too much info that I found...but sometimes the simplicity can be a curse...why would the standard CV Keihen or aftermarket Mukuni and others need more than one circuit...? Because in the real world most riders do not run Wide Full Open Throttle and under different altitude, humidity, temperature and load extremes, so I would question it's usability on a steet bike. Nearest thing that would use a 1 dimensional mapping would be a dragster...dump the fuel in as soon as possible and 7-10 secs you are done.
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    Back in '94 had a friend that took his bike, a '94 RK, to Carl to make it faster. After about $3000.00 he had a pretty fast RK with a Typhoon. The bike was great out on the road but around town it went through sparkplugs like my sister went through boyfriends.
    He ask an old Harley mech. how to get a fast Harley and was told to buy a Sportster.
  8. lol you know here it is 5 yrs later and I still want 1 of those typhoon carbs but I jest cant bring myself to pony up 1200 bux for it. 120,000 miles on the 97 fxsts-b and it still runs strong with heavy engine mods from 75,000 miles ago.