Two questions...


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The front fender of my 07 FLHTC has what I thought was a chrome trim piece on the bottom edge. I've noticed that it looks like it has aluminum corrosion on it. It other words there are bright and dull areas. So is the part chrome or aluminum?

Also, the left exhaust pipe has what may be burned-on plastic or rubber on it where it passes the passenger footboard. It was there when I bought the bike. I've never found a good way to get stuff like that off. Anyone have any suggestions?

The fender tip is aluminum and can be polished up with something like never dull cotton wadding polish.

As far as the mark on the pipe, try lacquer thinners to dissolve it. Some have used oven cleaner but don't get it on anything but the spot or you will do damage. Dab it on with a rag after spraying the oven cleaner in the cap far away from the bike.
I use a pollish called wenol to pollish aluminum. it'll make it look like chrome
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