Twisted Sister or an Evil Twin?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by markfsanderson, May 12, 2012.

  1. markfsanderson

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    My first ride since I installed my tail light relocation kit, and my longest ride to date . . . From North Star Mall in San Antonio, TX, to Caliente H-D, to Hondo, Texas, Uvalde Texas, north on 83 . .east on 337 (a twisted sister, I think? lots of fun for sure and beautiful country) . . south on 16 to back home . . .right at 230 miles . . . so my bike now has 910 miles . . . Time to do an oil change . . . It seems like H-D dynas where made for such roads, twisty and fun . . . Just rambling on . . . love my dyna!

    Have YOU kissed your H-D today?:10:

    Mark - Thanks!:bigsmiley12:
  2. lorne

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    the sisters and the whole area are a great ride. i hope to hit it soon again while i am on my way back to Houston from Ozona....good to hear you had a good ride :D
  3. horizonchaser

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    Glad to see you're getting out there and exploring the Texas countryside. The miles that you have put on are around the same kind of mileage that me and my riding buddies put on when we go for our weekend day trips, give or take a few miles. Whereas before I would consider myself geographically challenged-not knowing my way around New England too well, with these rides I have truly broadened my scope of the surrounding states, as I am sure that you will also. They are the most memorable of my rides.
    Glad you and your new Dyna are getting along just fine!
    Many more rides to you!