Twist Grip Sensor

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    I have just installed the WO513's on my 2008 RK and am about add on Cruise Control and extend the wiring so that I can internally wire the switch housing wires.

    Accordingly, I am hoping someone can help in answering this question.

    If I recall correctly, PN 32310-08 is for Internally Wired and PN 32305-08 is OE, Externally Wired.

    The question is what is the difference between the two being that both are "internally wired." Meaning that the TGS is located within the bars and the wiring of the OE TGS comes out through the center hole at the bottom anyway.

    Is it mandatory to get the TGS for Internally Wired (PN 32310-08) if I want to wire both the switch housing wires along with the TGS internally.

    I hope that I have made my question clear!

    Thanks in advance for your help in sorting this out