Twist grip sensor 32310-08 wiring key

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ChopperDoc, Nov 24, 2011.

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    If you are extending the wiring on your TBW Touring bike, you will notice that the Twist Grip Sensor (TGS) wiring for HD # 32310-08 does not match up to your existing TGS wiring. Also, they are "delicate flowers" and in many cases, simply removing it from your existing handlebars is enough to break it. It is so common that the MOCO recommends the replacement TGS with their wire extension kits. Here is a simple wiring key:

    Black To Slate (Gray) 1
    White To Violet 2
    Red To Red 3

    Black To Black 4
    White To Blue 5
    Red To Brown 6

    These wires are twenty-two gauge. You can get extention wire from your local Radio Shack.

    As near as I can tell, the black and white wires that are heat-shrunk together are something to do with heated grips on Road King models. I cut them off to make pulling the remaining six wires easier.

    I recommend that you pull the switch housing wiring through first, then apply a thin coat of dielectric grease to the TGS bundle. Gently pull the bundle through the bars while pushing from the TGS end. When the TGS is about two inches from being seated - quit pulling and push the sensor the rest of the way in. This leaves some slack in the buncle inside the bars.
    Good Luck and Safe Riding
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    Thanks Chopper Doc, I just started tearing my bike down to install the new twist grip sensor and realized the wires are not the same color code as the factory wires.

    You saved me, thanks again.
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    thank you for the help