TwinCam in FXR?

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    Hi all,
    I'm from Norway and new on this forum. I am wondering if anybody has put a Twin Cam 88 "A" motor in their bike. I have a 92 FXLR and have a motor ready to go in with an adaptor plate to the gearbox. Any experiences with this set up anybody would like to share? Steve.
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    I'm of no help on your question. I just wanted to welcome you to the forum. I'm sure there is someone on here who can help. :ws
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    Are you going to eliminate all the electronics and replace with just a carb and an aftermarket electronic ignition, or are you adding all the HD OEM electronics too?

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    I think the Twin Cam is taller probably wont fit nothing weong with a well built Evo
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    I have a Mikuni 42 carb and Thunderheart Stand-Alone Ignition for Twin Cam motors and a Vulcan adaptor plate for Twin Cam motor to 5 speed Evo gearbox. I don't think there will be a motor to frame conflict issue. I have seen some pics of conversions built by Elvis Place. Just wondering if there was anybody with similar experiences on this forum. Thanks, Steve.
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    I subscribe to a publication titled "American Bagger". The last two issues have had a staff report on an Evo to Twin Cam conversion done to an '87 Tour Glide. I recognize that the frames of the FXR and 'Glide are night and day, but it might give you some hints on whether this is possible or not. The guys doing the work were Kendall Johnson Customs(Kendall Johnson Customs / High Horsepower Engines, Parts and Custom Bikes
    ). Hope this helps....
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    Just put a s&s 124 in my 1992 fxr its the twin cam motor with evo case. Had no fitment problems at all even with the exhaust. I dont think the hd twin cam is any taller than my 124 so i believe you will be good .

    A correction on my last twin cam motor with evo mounts..
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    There is an FXR with a Twin Cam engine in the Flagstaff, Arizona, area. It was built by the HD dealer in Bellemont using the Chopper Guys FXR frame, a TC A engine, and an FL transmission. I think they also said they used a wide tire and swingarm, plus as many of the FXR components as they could.

    It was listed for sale but they could not sell it for what the dealership had in it, so the owner took it as his personal bike. I was up there in late September with my riding buddy and his 1989 FXR(P). A mechanic who helped build the FXR told us about it, and also told my buddy to keep his FXR in good condition and as close to stock as possible. He also mentioned the usual - the FXR is the best handling bike Harley ever built.

    My opinion? Keep the Evo engine. :no
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    Mine is completely stock, only few changes since it was bought brand new back in 1988... and i have to say that the evo engine if is in perfect conditions runs really good, and is really reliable...
    Just saturday I rode for something like 500 miles in one day under poring rain... couldn't even see the road, but I had not even the littlest problem with my bike... But whatever floats your boat....
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    found this in another forum hope it helps

    The TC in a FXR is fairly simple. You must use a touring engine & trans set up and if you use the 01 and back it bolts right up to the oem FXR swing arm pivots. If you use the later set up with the lager pivot shaft you will have to ream out the trans mount to fit the larger pivot shaft. You will have to remove the crossmember on the frame that the side stand mounts to as it gets in the way. I used a side stand from a early FXE and it worked well. You will have to remove the rear crossover and lower it to clear the oil pan. I left enough of the original crossover on the frame so that I could drill holes in them to mount the lowered crossmember. To lower it I just used spacers and bolted a piece of steel plate up to the mounts. With the thicker steel it was stronger and since it was bolted up it made it easier to remove the oil pan in the future. You will also be removing the oem oil tank as you will not need it since you will be using the oil pan that comes with the TC set up. I welded up a plate to cover the void and it also worked out very well. If you are going to run mid controls you will want to weld up a mounting block on the right side and use dyna foot mounts as theres not a lot of room for the oem FXR right side foot peg mount. Forward controls are the easy way out however I prefer the mids. To wire it up you will need an engine control harness from say a 99 or 00 touring bike Carbed and match it up to the components needed by using the wiring diagram. There all color coded and simple to match up. Thats about it. I can tell you it's a very worth while project. Mine turned out to be exactly what I was shootin for. Handled great and rode smooth. I used an Underground performance build that produced 117 Tq and I think like 107 HP. the FXRS-SP looked stock (sleeper) and was a blast to ride.