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    I have some questions that I would like some input from fellow gearheads. I just inspected my crankshaft runout because of course the phenolic cam chain tensioners on my 02 Dyna were worn out. The total runout is, believe it or not, +/- .0008. With it being this true I'm thinking that I'd like to go gear drive so I never have to visit the cam chest again. The items I intend to use are the Fueling hi output oil pump and cam support plate, Head Quarters Hurricane gear drive cams, Black Ops lifters and their easy install adjustable pushrods along with all the inner and outer bearing upgrades. With all this being said, because of what I do for a living I have access to cryogenic liquids, i.e. refrigerated liquid argon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. I was thinking instead of purchasing all the tools to press bearings, cams and the like I would shrink fit everything utilizing the heat/freeze method. Does anyone have any input, pros or cons, using this method especially engineers or lab people? You know if Harley-Davidson was an auto maker there would have been a major recall for this design flaw.
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    You might want to consider the Harley SE hydraulic cam chain tensioner and oil pump upgrade instead. Would bring your '02 88 engine up to the oil pumping standards of the 96, part 25284-11, and you'll " never have to visit the cam chest again."

    No issues with gear driven cams, just my 2¢ as the chain is more tolerant of any future runout and would be less expensive. The only complaint I've heard on the gears is a few have excessive whine. Replacement of the inner bearings is an excellent idea, there is a self-help tip somewhere on the forum.

    Can't comment on the cryogenics although my dad, a machinist, used to bring home leftover dry ice for us to play with. He apparently used it as their standard procedure in similar situations. I think the trick is in knowing what you are doing.

    Photos and descriptions of what you've done, and why, are always appreciated. You never know who you'll help down the line.

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    Have been using freezing parts(valve guides) in particular for years with great results, remembering how brittle the parts will be is most important

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    As a retired toolmaker/machinist I have been involved in many shrink fit procedures. Bearings should always be heated in oil and shafts frozen for a prescribed time given their thickness. While this all sounds good and in theory will work, preparation is the all important first step. Knowing exactly what you are going to do and having fixtures to hold everything square and plumb is critical. When I was involved with a procedure requiring the shrink fit method the fall back/plan B was always make sure the press is ready when the part becomes tight halfway into position.
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    How many miles do you have on your bike? I had 29,000 on my 03 e/g when I done my conversion and the shoes were almost at the half way mark. Thanks to TQ for his information on the cam chain tensioners I went ahead and took care of this problem. Peace of mine is pricless! Good job TQ!:p
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    I have about 24K on my bike and the inner shoe was greater than half worn, definitely time to repair or replace.
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    Thanks for the input. I have the knowledge and the equipment to do the job but was just looking for some input. I've considered the SE upgrade but quite frankly my faith in H-D has gone out the window. If I did go chain drive cams it would be a Feuling system. Thanks for the input though...
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    You can't go wrong with gear drives. That said, there is nothing wrong with the H-D hydraulic tensioner/roller chain setup which is much easier to work with as there are no tools required. The problem with the early tensioners was related to the shoe material and the constant heavy spring pressure against a link chain. Some went south in less than 10K miles and there are guys riding around on bikes with 50K and more miles and the tensioners are fine. I would not pay the premium for the Fueling cam plate and pump over the SE billet plate and upgraded oil pump; HD PN 25284-11; a quality piece of hardware which I run in my 107" '02 FLHT which is a pretty strong runner and I run it hard.

    No special equipment is required for the heat shrink approach, often referred to as the "oven/freezer" method. It works well for install cam bearings on cams and dropping cams (with bearings installed) into the cam plate but not so much for intalling gears onto cam shafts which are keyed. Maybe the equpment you make reference to is more effective than an oven and a freezer but my exprerince has been that the frozen cam shaft cools off the gear pretty quick. Aligning the heated gear keyway to the key can also get trick; sure, you wear gloves which makes handling the gear a little cumbersone. You might be better off to take the cams/gears to a local indy or dealer along with a six pack; that will usually get the job done.

    As always, JMHO.