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Twin Cam Engine Manufactured Before 2000


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TWIN CAM Warning

If you have a Twin Cam engine manufactured before 2000 you may want to make sure you have the parts listed in the service bulletin below installed in your engine. There are documented problems where the cam bearing support plate and cam bearings fail. This is occurs on stock bikes and modified bikes. If the problem occurs, it can result in catastrophic failure of the cams, cam bearings, cam support plate, cam chain tensioners, blown oil pump and lifters. The fix is very expensive, a failure is even more expensive.

If you have an aftermarket cam shafts, most Harley-Davidson Dealers are not covering this under warranty. There are two repair kits from Harley-Davidson that contain the parts to fix this problem.
Fuel injected models require part number 24984-99.
Carburetor models require part number 24985-99.
There is an extensive list of components is this repair kit including camshafts, cam bearings, cam bearing support plate, cam sprocket, cam chain, cam tensioner, oil pump, hydraulic lifters and gaskets.

A complete description of this problem was published in the December 2000 American Iron Magazine page 28.

Harley-Davidson Service Bulletin M-1100 "Cam Bearing Repair Kits" issued July 10, 2000 defines the problem and repair found here.