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    Have a question for the experts here--- just finished a 96.4 cubic inch upgrade to my 99 road king, now when I take off from idle or at cruise speed only, I have a sound that sounds like piston slap to me. Used keith black pistons and wonder if thats the problem or did I miss something else? Does not make noise at standing idle or when pulling power, however weather here went bad so only have 60 miles on breakin. Thanks in advance for any help!!

    I apologise if I offended anyone here-- was trying to reply but could not figure out how - will not use poor language choice again-- was strictly accidental.

    I started bike last nite, no noise at idle or startup but at throttle release I got a clicking sound for 2 or 3 seconds then went away- noticed it at cruse speed of 30 mph also-- but will not do it all the time. Any Ideas?????
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